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Somerset Academy Eagle Campus (Elementary, Middle and High) Charter School is currently accepting resumes for administrative/clerical and instructional/teaching employees for the 2014-2015 school year.  Individuals who apply need to be highly qualified and dedicated to our school’s mission, schedule and programs.

The individual(s) will be primarily charged with fulfilling the vital responsibility of providing scholars with an engaging and interesting educational environment; which includes interactive learning opportunities facilitated in a clear and concise manner, respectful and consistent collaboration involving school information and procedures, and dedicated professional service to the program goals.  Applicants should be willing to promote the continual success of both the scholars and the schools by properly managing assigned scholars.  Please note that more specific experience and or certifications may be required for some of the jobs listed below.

All individuals who apply should also possess a high standard of excellence in regards to the professional code of ethics and internal monitoring.

Somerset Academy Eagle Campus currently has 2014-2015 school openings in both teaching and clerical positions.  Please see information below to apply.

Academic Qualifications

•         Qualified in specialized education and knowledge for assigned teaching area required for teaching post(s):
o   Hold a Bachelor degree in specified subject area or field of study
o   Hold a valid Florida Department of Education Certificate – Temporary or Professional – in subject area
•         Disseminate subject-area information in an interesting, clear and concise manner to all scholars and develop teaching strategies to determine and eliminate individual learning abilities
•         Be inspiring, passionate, patient, creative, and actively involved in the learning process for all scholars

We are currently accepting applicants for certificated Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers in the following areas for the 2014-15 school year:


•         4th Grade Elementary Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher
•         5th Grade Elementary Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher
•         6th Grade Middle School Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher
•         6th – 12th Grade Middle & High School Language Arts / English Teacher: Honors and AP courses


•         5th Grade Elementary Math & Science Teacher
•         6th – 8th Grade Middle School Math Teacher
•         6th – 12th Grade Middle & High School Mathematics Teacher: Algebra, Geometry, and AP courses


•         6th – 8th Grade Middle School Science Teacher
•         6th – 12th Grade Middle & High School Science Teacher: Biology, Chemistry, and AP courses


•         K-12th Grade Physical Education Teacher

Administrative Qualifications

•         Disseminate school procedures and policies in a clear and concise manner
•         Be timely and dependable with assignments and professionally assigned duties
•         Be flexible and willing to grow personally and professionally
•         Be inspiring, passionate, patient and actively concerned about the learning process for all scholars

We are also currently accepting applicants for administrative clerical staff members in the following areas for the 2014-2015 school year:

•         Registrar / CRT
•         Administrative Assistants
•         Paraprofessionals / In-house Substitutes

If you are interested in a fresh start, please send your resume (with professional references listed) for consideration to Principal Denetra Davis,<>.  Somerset Academy Eagle Campus Charter School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, age or disability.

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